I love how a photo captures a frozen moment in life, essentially making "time stand still." How incredible that it also lets a viewer see the world directly and uniquely through the photographer's eye, wherever he or she happens to be at any given instant.

Living in New York for over a quarter century, I still find my own eye constantly drawn to lines, shapes, textures, colors, shadows, light and reflections, all ingrained in the heart of the city. I've loved photography since childhood but only recently have I made time to rediscover that passion.

I spent the bulk of my professional career working in Broadway theatre advertising. It's perhaps one of the reasons I shoot so many of my photographs vertically rather than horizontally – after all those years, my eye remains super-attuned to the shape of the standard Broadway poster, which measures 14" wide x 22" high.

Some of the greatest poster designs are models of bold, graphic simplicity. I like to think they're key influences and serve as inspiration for my current photographic work. I hope you'll enjoy viewing that work here!

– Jon Bierman
New York City